Business and technology in construction

"We don´t only present the façade.
Our magazine reveals the background. "

Thomas Pöll, Chief Editor

Every month, SOLID offers insight into the key issues of the construction and real estate industry. The magazine is aimed at decision-makers. Reports on financing or project development are edited with a service-oriented focus. Background stories on recent developments provide sound insight into the industry. SOLID reveals planners and technical decision-makers the latest trends and developments. Product comparisons and the latest technologies provides readers with useful tools. SOLID is more than a monthly magazine. On the online site you can read daily news about the industry sector. Experts discuss issues affecting the construction industry.

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Frequency of publication: monthly

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Circulation: 16,000





What moves the branch: Exclusive interviews with key managers, outstanding successes and spectacular insolvencies, interesting projects, budgets, pitfalls in building laws and much more.



What the branch accomplishes: Reports, proper planning, the right construction software, new technologies and the selection of the appropriate construction materials and additives for projects from infrastructure to housing.



What the branch needs: Construction equipment of the finest quality, massive machines and little helpers, trucks, special and universal equipment, testing and measuring equipment


SOLIDe Specials

The Top rankings: Top 300 Managers, Top 150 Construction companies, the best suppliers in the country

The SOLID Construction Technology Prize: Every year this top event puts large and small, national and international civil engineering feats of Austrian companies in the spotlight. A special prize for SMEs distinguishes special services. The most spectacular construction equipment deployment completes the demonstration of achievements of the industry.


In addition:

SOLIDe special issues such as the Yearbooks BEST OF ... the flagship PROJECTS and BEST OF ... the flagship INNOVATIONS of the Austrian construction industry



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